Sunday, 20 October 2013


Earlier this year, some of my enigmatic 'seismic nudes' were featured in the first issue of a beautiful German art magazine, The Corner. My art was then spotted by a contributor for an erotic website called 'Beautiful Agony' and mentioned in their pages. Ever since, this blog been getting an incredible amount of page views...which must be slightly frustrating for fans of my 'erotica', expecting an extra dose of my semi-abstract pen-and-ink drawings, when all they see here are my colourful illustrations, or blocky abstract compositions.

Therefore, the good news is that I shall soon do a dedicated 'adults only' site to satisfy collectors of nude and erotic art. It'll be ready sometime in 2014. ( Unfortunately, as this is an 'all ages welcome blog', I can't really show much here ). However, do enjoy these teasers... 

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