Wednesday, 22 February 2017


This is the painting formerly known as 'WORK IN PROGRESS B': After months of revisions ( scroll down the blog to see the various iterations ), this final version began to emerge a few days ago. I love the heavy 'concrete' look of it, as it reminds me of the weathered Brutalist architecture that sprang up in post-war Britain.

BLISS IN CONCRETE: Acrylic On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm, 2017.

Once being the height of futuristic design, Brutalism's often dark, crumbling appearance soon prompted it to fall out of favour with the general public, to the point where many examples of it are either being demolished or in danger of being demolished.

[very lo-fi ] VIDEO CLIP

I recorded this three-minute clip as soon as I finished the new painting. In case you're wondering, its colours and shapes prompted me to name it after a track by the instrumental rock band Pelican, from their City of Echoes album. 

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