Sunday, 1 January 2012

NEW FOR 2012...

On the tabs above, you'll see the newly-added ESSAYS ON ART and SKETCHES

SKETCHES features any random drawings that happen to be lying around the studio. It'll give you more of an idea of my art background or interests. ESSAYS ON ART will feature extra information about my work, and other related thoughts. The essays will continue to be published first on the news page, and then later move to the ESSAYS tab, where they can be more accessible to the casual visitor. The main news items will remain on this page. Enjoy!

Above: Ἀστυάναξ – tr: Astyánax, 1m 17cm x 80cm December, 2011 ( Feature coming soon ).


Last year turned out to be incredibly busy. Let's hope that we continue the upwards trajectory in 2012..!

Sketch, 2011


TECHNICAL ECSTASY Hosted by Bilroest Arts ( solo show ), May - September
ANTICURATE - September
EGO - October
EGO II - November
KISMET - December

THANKS LIST: I'm too much of a perfectionist to take anything for granted, so as we welcome in 2012, I'd just like to say a huge thanks to everyone I exhibited with, and who showed their support, or who like me, are trying to fight the good fight. 
Martin Geyer; Robert Walsh; Karen McLean; Jill & Dave Swarbrick; Lynne; Sima; Mike & Karen; Gin; Nick, Jordy, Blani and the rest of Irish Mob; Wendy & the Northern England Mob; Sis and the New York Mob; Imogen & Eren; Gubs; Mark @ Skrapbook; Martin @ Colliers; Gushi; Matt; Vince & Bonita; Ranj; Kartar; Anita; Dan; Ddotts; James, Nads, Sab, Laura, Lottie & Ashley; Andy Darko; Sheila, Rupert, Mike Flight, Dom, Leila, Faz, Andy & Leonie; Rose; Bobbie; Barbara; Mohsen; Kev, Laura & Christina; Paul & Nita; Mark; Jamie & Jem; Chris & Laura; Rich & Jess; Marek; Amanda, Saif; Robin; Vass & Frances; Veronica; Jayne & Kory; Vikki; Xenia, & Zarina.