Sunday, 27 July 2014


No, I'm kidding, I should be flattered.

I was just watching a report on San Diego Comic-Con, and they quoted a Forbes Online article. I noticed that my own article for FUTURE-ROCKER, regarding the re-boot of DC Comics' WWII superheroine ( and co-opted feminist icon ) Wonder Woman, had been getting a lot of hits in the preceding few I know why.

There's a slight similarity in their analysis..! ( See below ).

FORBES ONLINE, 27th July 2014: ''But if Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman isn’t used well or doesn’t come off well, Zack Snyder will be forever known as the guy who screwed up Wonder Woman and that will be the film’s enduring legacy''

ME, 13th October, 2013: ''Unfortunately, the longer Warners/DC wait, the more pressure there is to deliver a massive hit. No executive wants to go down in history as the guy that killed the Wonder Woman franchise''

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Another successful show for The Cobalt Blue!

On the clip you will see a 2-minute 'walking tour' of my two latest pieces, filmed at The Custard Factory, Birmingham, as part of the Digbeth First Friday event. The droning noise you can hear in the background is Stourbridge artist Paul Gittins' guitar installation, where the guitars played autonomously, throughout the day. The constantly-changing sequence of abstract musical motifs provided a perfect soundtrack to the entire show. Beautiful!


Below: Our friends and associates of The Cobalt Blue

Stephen Earl Rogers: Portraitist and associate of The Cobalt Blue.

( Detail )

Wayne Attwood: Impressionist painter and member of The Cobalt Blue

( Detail )

Hannah Honeywill: Sculptor

Paul Gittins: Sound artist

Nita Newman: Art & Installations

Our organizer, and The Cobalt Blue CEO, Zarina Keyani, in front of her new time-based experimental piece.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MK 78

Current abstract ( centre ). This is the 78th iteration of the same piece, and it is still not finished. You see the blue & white striped section? That's gone. That was the only concession to 'chocolate box' and it stood out like a sore thumb. Everything else is entirely ad-libbed. I'll do an article on all the different versions of the same piece next week. Until then, you can see the finished 'final-final' version at The Cobalt Blue show on July 4th at the Custard Factory ( scroll down for show details ).

Note: Art at top of pic, by Robert EV Walsh

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Arts Council money spent, per head of population in London = £70

Arts Council money spent, per head of population in the rest of the UK = £5.

Arts Council money, or any other funding, spent on exhibitions by our art group The Cobalt Blue = £0. 

We are self-funded and occasionally aided by discretionary contributions from visitors to our shows, and sales of art. We don't answer to funding bodies, or institutions. This weekend, we are inviting other collectives from around the Midlands to exhibit with us. We are against cliques and elitism, and we simply want to expose the people of the area to as much great art as we can.