Friday, 10 May 2019

Thursday, 9 May 2019


Artist's Photographs from September 2018, Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

If there's one thing the Greeks are good at, its starting a building and then abandoning it before completion. The example you see here is a particularly striking one, in that it presides over the main coastal road to Paros Kite, the well-known resort populated by kite-surfers during the summer months. The location, size, and assortment of storeys and basements suggests that it was supposed to be a medium-sized tourist hotel, presumably with the intention of capitalising on the influx of surfers from all over the world. I've been going to Paros since the early two-thousands, and it has always been there, ominously occupying a fork in the road like something out of a Stephen King novel. 

To a geometric abstract artist, this kind of structure, with its stark right-angles, exposed staircases and empty voids open to the sky, presents dozens of possibilities for great compositions. It also proves that skilled abstract artists, such as the unknown manual labourers that erected this skeletal structure, exist in all walks of life.

Above: A distinct Rene Magritte atmosphere evoked by the bare structure and blue sky.
Below: A selection of interior shots.


The experimental piece below was actually inspired by the way in which my iPhone previews the group of photographs in the photo folder.