Sunday, 20 October 2013



This is the 'oh dear' phase every artist goes through while in the process of doing a painting. Next comes 'Maybe I can Rescue This?' then, 'Jeez, Why Am I Bothering?', until finally, six months later, you arrive at 'This is a Work of Transcendent Genius, Somebody Get Me a Medal'.

Below: Acrylic on Canvas, 142 x 117cm


This ( below ) actually is rubbish, and I shall be forwarding the installation below for the consideration of the Turner Prize selection panel, forthwith. Joking aside, artists leaning toward the more 'conceptual' side love this type of studio detritus. Some even make entire careers out of it. When visiting the studio, they have an annoying habit of being mesmerised by the bits of tape, and ignoring the actual art. I had a cat like that.

Below: Conjuration of The Maji ( Recycling Masking Tape ), Installation, 2013

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