Friday, 25 September 2015


Went to visit the Affordable Art Fair yesterday. Wasn't allowed in, due to a misprint on the advertising ( - great, thanks for that! ). Decided to visit several galleries instead. Never got round to those either, because the city is so beautiful, I was mesmerised by the architecture and street scenes. I can only assume that Manchester was less bombed by the Luftwaffe than Birmingham ( which, let's face it, in comparison, is an unsightly mess ). 

Below: Ironically, the grimy window in the art gallery contributed to the 'painterly' look of this photo.

One minute, the light made Manchester look like a movie set, then next, a painting. I can't get over what an incredibly photogenic city it is.

I forgot my camera's chip, so borrowed a colleague's iPhone 6. After fumbling with it for most of the day ( you can see the shadows caused by my finger in front of the lens ), I began to get the hang of it. I've come to the conclusion it's better than my actual camera.

With the wide streets and the trams, Manchester resembles an archetypal European city...

...and also New York City.

I really do have to come back, ASAP.

All pics are shot on an iPhone 6.

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