Tuesday, 27 December 2016

CARRIE FISHER ( 1956 - 2016 )

With a childhood interest in comicbooks, then Pop Art, movies and film design, you might have gathered that I'm not only a sci-fi buff, but also an avid reader of Hollywood biographies. A week ago, before she was even taken ill, I got Carrie Fisher's book 'Wishful Drinking', thinking that this smaller volume would be a good starter before I purchase her latest blockbuster, 'The Princess Diarist'. 'Wishful Drinking' is based on her one-woman show, and packed with quotes and one-liners.

Describing a story recounted by 'Greg' ( a 'gay Republican' friend, who used to share an office with Barack Obama's predecessor, George W Bush ), he apparently revealed that W had a 'gift' for breaking wind on command... 

''When Greg was expecting people for a meeting, W would come in and fart in the office, and then run, leaving Greg in the midst of it. Like someone in a cloud of marijuana smoke. The people Greg was meeting with would, of course, come in and find Greg surrounded by this awful smell. 

It's not too dissimilar to what President Bush has done to the country.''

- From 'Wishful Drinking',  which premiered at the Geffen Theatre, Los Angeles, 2006.

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