Monday, 16 January 2017


Below: 'Vector Mandala', Jan 2017.

Experimenting with vector drawings over Christmas has had the unfortunate side-effect of allowing me to work late into the night. Whereas with painting, you have a short window of natural daylight, and are then forced to down tools for the day, with computers you just keep going, your brain kept artificially awake by the glow of the screen affecting your melatonin levels.

At that point, your brain is on auto-pilot, randomly composing pictures out of lines that are drawn, multiplied, flipped, mirrored, grouped, duplicated, and so on. That's why so many recent pieces in this blog have been made of 'discarded fragments'. It's when, days later, I come across files that I barely have any recollection of, and am able to enjoy them with fresher eyes. 

The above composition was originally discarded because it looked 'too picturesque'.

It's made out of this simple shape being repeated:

With enough repitition, the results become increasingly complex, forming other, hidden shapes inside the larger structure.

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