Wednesday, 19 April 2017

i [ am a ] CAMERA

I was given an iPhone recently, to use as a music player. Then I discovered the camera...

Below: Mixing colours for my 'concrete' paintings.

I'm actually shocked at how good it is. In fact, this phone is better than my actual camera. The only thing that will prevent the iPhone replacing the old camera is because no-one at Apple has thought to attach a wrist strap for those tricky leaning-out-of-a-building shots.

Below: A police helicopter, hundreds of feet above the city. No rotor blur!

Below: Birmingham reflected on a communal hand-dryer.

Below: I love the design of this poster.

Below: The Typhoo Building ( near my studio ), where Spielberg filmed Ready Player One, last year.

Below: Birmingham UK, as seen from the Custard Factory.

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