Thursday, 29 January 2015


Nora Apartments, Orlando

Below: Woman Disrobing ( currently in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, UK ).

All images: Pen & Ink on A3 paper.

My POLYGRAPH NUDES ( pen & ink on paper ), were just a simple graphic experiment drawn in a pad, then forgotten about, and left on the pile of miscellany under my desk.

That is, until Robert Kothe, editor of limited series art magazine The Corner, decided to feature them on the back pages of the debut issue. From there, the art got flagged-up by a funky erotic art / fetish website, and since then, every time these drawings surface online, the internet goes nuts.

Fast forward and we have the main lady ( above ) occupying a corner of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery's WEST MIDLANDS OPEN ( until February 15th - please go and visit, the whole show is a great endorsement of the region's talent ), and last week, Liz Seay and the team at Scott & Cormia Architecture + Interiors placed four high-resolution prints from the same series, in the gymnasium of the NORA luxury apartment building in Florida ( see below ).

The 'polygraph' style came about as a progression from my enthusiasm for life-drawing. I've always felt that an artist should, at the very least, make a regular attempt to capture his own species in art - simply as an exercise, not even necessarily to exhibit. 
I think that art has a linguistic element to it, so as a communicator, I always try to refine what I'm trying to get across. This binary style ( stark black & white horizontal lines ) is a way of communicating an idea with as little embellishment as possible. 

The images had to be re-scanned at high resolution, and refined for printing at 48in x 48in. Here's an example of how some experimental scribbles made it out of the studio and into the world...

All art copyright Alexi K.

Big thanks to Liz Seay.

...and not forgetting and all the supporters and re-tweeters, incl. DVYZE & Beautiful Agony, amongst many others.

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