Friday, 14 May 2021


FOUND ON MY HARD DRIVE: One of my all-time favourite music artists is Vanessa Daou, a highly influential and still-potent pioneer of jazz-inflected dance electronica. I've been corresponding with Vanessa ever since her debut masterpiece ZIPLESS in the mid-90s, and I even did an article about her in my magazine, MONOBLOG.

A while back I sent her this rough idea after seeing this beautifully abstract selfie on her Facebook page. I thought it had great potential as a vinyl album cover and wanted to draw her attention to it.

Credit/Source: Vanessa Daou

A quick, snappy placeholder title, ( her name is just too good a source for plays on words ), and then a run through some typefaces and five minutes later you have the finished (as-yet non-existent) shrink-wrapped product. 

I love it, and only now have I noticed that the typeface has a 'legacy-automotive' theme that's appropriate for the photo. Hot!