Saturday, 8 August 2015


If you happen to be in the UK Midlands, and need art mentoring, or know someone who would like art mentoring, get in touch. I offer one-to-ones across a variety of subjects. Whether it's portraiture, architectural drawing, Marvel Comics, blogging, illustration, abstraction, I'm pretty much into it and have bought the t-shirt! 

My aim is to elevate a person's innate skills to the next level, and the main thing is that it's fun, and that my pupils leave the session with a real vibe that they're going to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of.

This is not about being academic, or about talking a load of art-nonsense. This is the real thing, as practised by myself and my art colleagues all over the world.

Location: I'm ten minutes walk from both New Street and Moor Street stations in Birmingham, and I have a communal area next to my studio. I have connections with all areas of the art and architecture industries, and can tell you straight what to expect from the artist's life. So if you just want to top-up a hobby, or seriously want to do something AMAZING, get in touch at the email below. 

Note: Kids can be included, but only if they're accompanied by an adult.

Email me: alexik-artist [ at ]